Participates in Auctions USS

Fee and Payment
Directly vehicle purchase service from Japaese Car auctions in Japan
Loading on ship Customs Clearance 20,000 JPY
Domestic Transportation 15,000 JPY
Auctions fee 13,000 JPY
Agent fee 37,000 JPY
It’s includes following
1:Export document
2:arrangement of shipping,
3:all documentation sent by EMS or Fedex and DHL
4:English translation of all documentation
Total expenses in Japan 85,000JPY
You only have to be ready customs clearance and collecting ur car in your discharge port
Deposit 85,000JPY
It’s become a part of payment when you success to bid in auction
We expect the balance within 2days by Telegraphic Transfer.
Please let me know by email, or fax, the date of remittance and from which Bank.
We would like to received 100% amount  T/T in advance


BANK NAME:The Yamanashi Chuo Bank,Ltd.
ACCOUNT NO:0595755
ACCOUNTNAME:Arc Japan Co.,Ltd.
Bank address:1192-2, Tomitakeshinden, Kai-city,Yamanashi
400-0113 JAPAN

How to find cars you are interested in the Auction website

1-Please enter your ID number.

2-Please select Car brands (for example TOYOTA , NISSAN) and click ‘SEARCH’ button

3-Please select a Car model you want and click ‘GO’ buttun.

4-If you hit the results, (for example 15HITS) , please click ‘GO’ buttun.

5-You will see the lists of the cars you want.
If you find specific cars you are interested, you can search in details.

6-If you click Details bottun , you can see large photos and details .

If you click these photo , you can see large size.

ID: W66885


To bid the car by the auction .Please accept the following conditions.
The remittance method is T.T. Bank Transfer .

1) We accept payment in Japanese yen(JPY) or USD .

2)After it starts about the auction, is contained, and your bid goes well it is necessary to pay amount of final within two days. Your deposit will not be paid back though your bid goes well if final amount is not paid within two days.


Deposit per every vehicle
85,000 JPY
total fee*1 auction final +85,000 JPY
tax 5% auction final price
other fee case by case depending on your destination .
bidding fee *2
1000 JPY / 1 time

*1 There are including transportation in Japanese land ,auction fee, comission,customs,document .

*2 Usual is claimed whether for your bid to have gone well regardless of.

How to make the Payment of Deposit?

Please remit the deposit to our bank account with T/T (Transfer of telegraphic ).

Create Invoice and our Bank details

Auction Processing

Ahead of the auction:
We will offer to detailed information on the vehicle, and : to an auction sheet of the vehicle that you choose from the site of the USS auction after we confirm your deposit by the bank account and a starting price of the auction way.

You can extremely check whether there is a vehicle the circumstantial intelligence in using the auction sheet. You decide for which vehicle do you want to tender, and to spend once by you how much, and, next, will E-mail us the lot number and the nominal price by 8 AM of the auctions (Japan Standard Time) in the day.

We will tender for the vehicle in place of you on the day of the auction. And, we will E-mail to you regardless of on that day whether your bid went well. If your bid went well, we will send you INVOICE with e-mail.

1) We have the tender limit of about two millionJPY for the price set at the end of the vehicle of the auction.
2) Please confirm the importing reguration in your country before you submit the tender demand.We are not responsible for the restriction of import, the tax in the country of you in the vehicle that you bought, and other disputes.


After the auction:
You should finish final payment with T/T (Transfer of telegraphic), and send us the copy of T/T at once. If it doesn’t keep buying more vehicles, you can subtract the deposit according to a final amount.



After it starts about the auction, is contained, and your bid goes well it is necessary to pay amount of final within two days. Your deposit will not be paid back though your bid goes well if final amount is not paid within two days.


If your bid did not go well, we will keep offering you information on the vehicle until your bid goes well. We will seek your vehicle again by other auctions (It is not USS auction) for you, and offer you information.

Your remittance is prepared and after confirms it, we prepare your vehicle to ship as soon as possible .

After the vehicle is loaded into the ship, we send you B/L (building of Lading) etc. It takes about 2-4 weeks from the confirmation of payment to the shipment to do it.